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Do we really want to destroy libraries? No, not really.

We are inviting you to experiment with us using a structure called TRIZ. This allows us to productively use the
mental model of destroying something very important to us, find how our individual actions may be contributing to its failure, and then find ways to rebuild it as individuals and as a community.

For this session, we ask that you come prepared to be self-reflective and be willing to look at individual contributions to structural problems. This is a session to be productive – to free us from destruction and start the rebuilding process together.

We also encourage participants to take a look at the TRIZ model in advance.
Here are some good places to start – we promise that neither is a long read! 

We want to everyone to be able to join us, so even if you aren’t attending MLA, we invite you to join the virtual discussion during the session. We invite anyone who works in a music library or with music materials to join us! 

Join the Google doc here: 

Join the Zoom here:
or +1 646 558 8656 US Meeting ID: 682 245 013

Take a look and come have some fun and dismantle some things with us!

Program session:

Session presenters: 
Kathleen Delaurenti
Anne Rhodes
Sandy Rodriguez
Matthew Vest
Ricky Williams