Meeting of the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association, March 1-5, 2023


Presenting a Conference Session on Zoom

Tips for success:

  • Practice with a live Zoom session, even with a free account. You don’t need an audience, but you will see how Zoom affects access to other apps.
  • Click your mouse or trackpad to advance slides when screen sharing in Zoom. Arrows and the space bar are disabled.
  • Screen advance sometimes lags. Don’t advance twice accidentally.
  • Use the “share sound” and “optimize for video clip” checkboxes as necessary when screen sharing.
  • When sharing sound, use the volume function in the app or web page, not your computer volume, to adjust the volume for the audience.
  • Have phone numbers ready to call in if internet audio fails.
  • Turn off your camera if bandwidth is limited.

Presenting a Poster Session on Remo

  • To check if your device is all ready to go, please visit
  • New to Remo? It’s like self-selecting breakout rooms in Zoom but with a visual table/map metaphor.
  • Find your labeled table. You’ll talk to just those who choose your table.
  • Yes, you can screen share, but only for video. To screen share audio, embed the media in the whiteboard.
  • Remo provides chat tech help. We’ll also have MLA members available for tech help.
  • Still daunted? Check out Remo 101 and the company’s video tutorials.