Meeting of the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association, March 1-5, 2023

Attendee Guide

All Attendees

All attendees, in-person and virtual, are expected to follow MLA’s Code of Conduct.

Using Sched

The Music Library Association uses Sched to distribute the program electronically, to communicate with conference attendees, and to control access to sessions for virtual attendees.

Upon registering for the conference, you will receive an email invitation from Sched. The email invitation will have the subject You’re Invited To Music Library Association Conference 2023, and will have a link you will use to create your profile, set an initial password, and access the conference schedule.

Please allow for 48 hours after registration for your Sched account to be activated.

If you have registered, waited 48 hours, and are still unable to log into Sched, contact

The videos below provide additional instructions for using Sched. If you prefer textual instructions, Sched provides several handy Attendee Guides.


Attending Sessions Virtually

Only registered attendees and speakers will be able to access the streamed sessions.

All virtual attendees will use Sched to access sessions and meetings. See Using Sched above for more information.

When you open a session in Sched, a link to the Vimeo stream or Zoom room will activate TEN MINUTES PRIOR to the start of the session.  

Using Sched on the Web

Using Sched in the App